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For over two decades, facilitating group sessions and working one-on-one as an executive coach, for thousands of individuals throughout the United States and across four continents.

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Myla Deloatch

Team Acceleration Expert

Myla DeLoatch is recognized for her dynamic, clear presentation style, and unique ability to engage professionals at all levels. For two decades, she has facilitated group sessions and worked one-on-one with thousands of individuals throughout the United States and across four continents guiding group dialog, consensus building, and behavioral change.

With wide-ranging expertise in leadership, team-building, sales, customer service, communication, problem-solving, diversity and inclusion, and professional image, Myla is frequently called upon to share key principles and approaches that foster stronger connections with colleagues and customers and drive business results.

Myla works to ensure that her sessions are enjoyable and produce lasting results. The cornerstone of her success is based on 15 years of progressive sales, marketing, customer service, and training leadership at Xerox.

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Kudos & Praise

The Training Was Amazing

“The training was amazing. I attended the class as well and the participation, content, and Myla’s delivery was spot on… I truly enjoyed it.”
~ American Automobile Association (AAA) ~